muh busin

The new and most busin place to play Minecraft. We're running Hermitcraft Modsauce, along with several additional mods that we like that aren't included by default in Modsauce.


What do I need in order to play?
In order to play on the server, you will have to install the Hermitcraft Modsauce modpack from the ATL launcher, along with our additions to the mod pack.

Where can I download your additional mods?
Download and install the ATL Launcher from the ATL Launcher Downloads page. A patch containing all of our additions to the Modsauce pack can be found here.

I'm retarded. How do I use this?
I've put together a handy guide for the mentally challenged on how to install this, which can be found here.

What's the info for the server?
The address for our server is busin.biz:4242. Our server has a whitelist enabled, so if you would like to be whitelisted ask Meissa or Messenth.

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