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Download and install the ATL Launcher, which can be found here. Follow the instructions on their site for how to do this. They have a nice fancy video showing every single step, just in case you are particularly retarded.

STEP 2: Get the Right Modpack

After you have downloaded ATL and added your Minecraft account, you will need to download the Modsauce modpack from the ATL Launcher. Go go the Instances tab and scroll down to Hermitcraft Modsauce. Click the New Instance button.

[step 2 part 1]

It is important that you select the right version. Our server is on (Minecraft 1.7.10).

[step 2 part 2]

Finally, select all of the optional modsand click Install and follow any directions that the installer prompts you with.

[step 2 part 3]

STEP 3: Installing the Patches

Download the current busin patch from the current folder from the patches page. Close ATL Launcher and copy the files from inside the .zip file you just downloaded into your [Wherever you downloaded ATL]/Instances/HermitcraftModsauce/ folder. You may get a popup asking you to overwrite files; hit Yes to all of these.

[step 3 part 1]

STEP 4: Launch

Open ATL Launcher, navigate to the Instances tab and click Play to launch. If it asks you to update, click No.

[step 4 part 1]

Due to the massive number of mods that are in the client, your client may hang up and freeze on the Mojang logo for several minutes before loading. This is normal; just sit and let the game load and it will eventually finish. After it loads, you will be able to get on to our server and play the game.

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